MX World NEW OPTION AdPack Change

You can now change not only smaller old/restart adpacks to bigger ones, but also big adpacks to smaller adpacks.
Example: Change 1 old/restart Millionaire adpack into 2 Medium adpacks or into 10 Mini adpacks:
With this function you may
1. CHANGE the TYPE of your old/restart adpacks and AFTER the change you can
2. TRANSFORM those adpacks to STATUS “new” by buying 2 adpacks of the same type and pay with an online processor and then XCHANGE one older adpack to newer status.
3. You don’t have to wait until you can afford 2 Millionaire adpacks to change 1 old Millionaire adpoacks. Now you can transform one Millionaire Adpack to 10 Minis and then you can X-change the MINI adpacks step by step.

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